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Joburg-based Act Animation Studios is in development with The Body Defenders, South Africa’s first science fiction animated feature film, which will also be released in 3D.


In production since 2005, The Body Defenders is expected to hit theaters in 2013. Creator Patrick Garcia conceptualised the idea in 1999 and cites several reasons for the long gap, the biggest of which was training animators. “Local animators, although extremely talented, lack the hands-on experience of working on an animated motion picture pipeline and often require further in-house training before being able to work on key sequences.”


He says the film also  faced every technical challenge imaginable, from advanced crowd simulations to immensely complex dynamics. The Body Defenders is set in The Republic of The Human Body. It revolves around three main characters: Troy (voiced by theater actor Ryan Flynn), Herc (Lyall Mayben) and Athena (Jaz Hughes), who are white blood cells thrust into a battle with the evil Bacteria and his horde of viral soldiers.


Patrick set out to create a world of vast beauty and mystery. “Tremendous detail went into the research and development of each character created for the film, as well as into the sci-fi look and feel we’ve come to expect from big box office motion picture epics. The film was originally intended for release in 2008 but underwent several transformations to secure the quality and look we were after.”