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The Body Defenders is a South African 3D “Computer-animated” sci-fi, action adventure, superhero film about an army of white blood cells who reside in the great metropolis of Heart City. The main characters become genetically altered superheroes that are forced to flee as fugitives after being injected and submerged with an antibiotic fluid that secretly alters their DNA.  Perused by a top secret Special Forces organization, known only as the B.O.I (Biological Organisms Institute) and a power hungry scientist, the four main characters In the film Troy, Herc, Athena, and Vitamin A are perused to great lengths for the secrets to their new found powers. Amongst the chaos, residents of Heart city face their worst nemesis, and main antagonist in the film, Bacteria who has assembled a vast army of rampant carnivorous viruses so great in number that he plots to overthrow the great republic of the Human Body once and for all.

Only with the bravery of these four reluctant heroes can they stand a chance to fight for their freedom, overthrow an organization, and save the millions who reside within the towering city walls of Heart City from immanent doom!  The film was created, written and directed by Patrick Garcia, who’s extensive background in 3D Animation and visual effects has made him one of SA’s leading 3D Animators & VFX artists.

The film was produced by ACT Animation Films and includes a variety of well known radio, tv and theater personalities which include Ryan Flynn as reluctant action hero Troy, Jaz Hughes as his ex-girlfriend and fighter pilot Athena; Lyall Mabin as the glorified military prodigy Herc; Marielise Van Rooyen as the comic relief sidekick Vitamin A; Harry Sideropoulos as the super villain Bacteria; Bruce Cameron Millaras antagonist and evil scientist, Professor Calypso; and Revin John as Calypso’s assistant, Professor Archer.

Troy’s thirst for adventure and yearning to save the love of his life, Athena, draws the adventure into a battle with the villainous mastermind Bacteria and his killer viruses.

The film has been in production since March 2005 with a team of 3D animators and artists who comprised mostly of students from a multitude of colleges, campuses and varsities spread all across South Africa.  These highly talented individuals were carefully hand picked and selected for their unique strengths within their individual disciplines of production.

The feature-length animated feature film has already surpassed all expectations from the films astonishingly impressive futuristic landscapes, 3D environments and visuals effects to the core of the film and the marvelously written story that will have audiences asking for more.  The animated motion picture has been a monumental undertaking with hundreds of 3D sets already built and over 56 unique characters designs, millions of soldiers, aerial battle sequences, epic fight scenes and an array of futuristic vehicles, ships and weapons that will keep you on the edge of your seat.  These complex animated sequences are rendered in High Definition in Stereo Scoppic 3D and require thousands of hours to render and calculate especially with some sequences taking years to render with a limited amount of equipment available and with nothing but passion to fund the film.

In an interview, Patrick stated that, “the film had become bigger than just a movie, it has become a symbol of hope to all the independent creative filmakers, animators, and artists out there who hopes to venture beyond the realm of the impossible and to make their dreams come true!  When successfully completed, the film hopes to be screened at all the major international film festivals including the Toronto Film Festival, Annecy, MIPCOM and many other international animation film festivals around the world. The film has a substantial market and merchandising value that is estimated between $12 and $30 Million dollars and could easily make any future investors wealthy beyond their dreams.

Major animation companies like PixarDreamworks and Disney often have hundreds and sometimes thousands of industry leading professional animators and artists working full time on big budget animated films sometimes in the excess of $90 to $200 million dollars. “We’re making an amazing film without a fraction of that!” The film is South Africa’s first 3D Animated Science fiction feature film and has already attracted great interest from both local and international distributors.  The film is due for theatrical release in stereoscopic 3D and is still currently in production.  Although no release date has been confirmed as of yet, it’s sure to be at the top of every film and animation, lover’s movie list!

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